Sunshine Centres’ 1,000 Meal Challenge

Morgan Scalena, Communications Assistant

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We’re excited to announce the launch of our 1,000 Meal Challenge! This June, Sunshine Centres needs your help to provide healthy, hearty meals for our city’s most vulnerable seniors. 

We’re kicking off the 1,000 Meal Challenge on Saturday, June 5 by delivering tasty, ready-made meals to seniors’ doorsteps, courtesy of the Rotary Club of Toronto and SupperWorks Oakville, but that’s just the beginning. Throughout the month of June, we’ll be raising funds to provide meals to Toronto’s seniors. Our goal is 1,000 meals ($10,000), and we need your help!

How can you get involved?

Make a donation starting Saturday, June 5. Your support provides healthy, hearty meals to Toronto’s vulnerable and low-income seniors. Every donation makes a difference! For every $10 raised, we’ll be able to provide one more meal to a senior in our community. 

Pre-register to campaign for the 1,000 Meal Challenge. Want to do even more to support Toronto’s seniors? Sign up to start your personalized 1,000 Meal Challenge campaign. We’ll give you all the tools you need to advertise your campaign, track your progress, and receive donations from friends, family, and colleagues.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to receive updates about our fundraiser’s progress. Help us spread the word by sharing our fundraising posts with your followers! 

Share with your network! Tell your family, friends and coworkers about our challenge and get them on board with supporting the cause.  

Why should you support this cause?

In the Greater Toronto Area, nearly 1 in 10 seniors live in low-income households and lack the resources necessary to maintain a well-balanced diet. As we age, it’s important to maintain a hearty, balanced diet. Eating well ensures your body is receiving the nutrients it needs to help you stay healthy and energized. But with the ongoing pandemic, our city’s seniors are now faced with greater risks that further limit their access to food. 

Food insecurity and poor nutrition have harmful impacts on the health and well-being of older adults and restrict their ability to carry out daily activities and lead an independent life. Research shows that marginalized seniors are at greater risk of experiencing food insecurity than other groups of older adults. 

Vulnerable seniors experiencing food insecurity often face both mental and physical health issues. Many of these individuals are at higher risk of suffering from chronic health conditions including diabetes and heart disease. And those who aren’t able to provide their body with sufficient nutrients often experience greater stress and feelings of depression. 

This issue is affecting the health and well-being of many older adults in Toronto. But with your help, we can ensure our community’s seniors aren’t left hungry. Get involved today and follow us on social media to help spread the word! 

If you have any questions about the 1,000 Meal Challenge campaign, please contact Morgan at [email protected]

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