Our Team

Board of Directors

Sunshine Centres for Seniors is governed by a Board of Directors, a diverse and committed group of community leaders and seniors’ advocates. Providing the organization with leadership, vision and strategic direction, the volunteer Board is committed to Sunshine Centres’ programming and its mission of creating a supportive community for seniors across Toronto.

  • Susan Roller

    President and Co-Chair

  • Veena Balram

    2nd Vice-President and Co-Chair

  • Jason Gaiotto


  • John Wallace


  • John O’Connor


  • Yona Frishman


  • Hrishikesh Navare


  • Kevin Workentin


Administrative & Program Staff

  • Jacquie Buncel

    Executive Director

  • Anita Bloom

    Associate Executive Director

  • Edil Bustamante de Wong

    Finance Manager

  • Michelle Albert

    Program Supervisor

  • Anne McGrath

    Banking Assistant

  • Cris Dias

    Community Development, Office and Volunteer Coordinator

  • Rhea Singer

    Communications Coordinator

  • Zuzanna Kulkuka

    Outreach Coordinator

  • Irene Gabinet

    Program Facilitator

  • Sergio Alvarez

    Program Coordinator

  • Lanie Piluden

    Program Coordinator

  • Sandy Chan

    Program Coordinator

  • Victor Li

    Program Coordinator

  • Afsana Chowdhury

    Program Coordinator

  • Mahye Choudhury

    Program Assistant

  • Glenn Sevillo

    Program Assistant

  • Ming Chan

    Program Assistant

  • Chelsea Pradenas

    Program Assistant